Dear Sergey,

All of us at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church enjoyed very much having your group sing here. We also enjoyed getting to know you six. Your voices blend so perfectly, and your personalities are all very nice! Thank you for the gifts you gave me: the framed scene incorporating some Russian amber, and the CD of your group. I will always think of you and the Nevsky Ensemble whenever I look at the picture. And I have had your CD in my car, playing it as I drive here and there. Each voice is beautiful by itself, and yet they all blend together so nicely - a rare combination! I am enjoying listening to the CD very much. Perhaps some day I'll get to visit you in St. Petersburg - that would be a wonderful experience for me! We shall see what the future holds.

Best wishes,
Ken Lowenberg
The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church
Kenneth Lowenberg

Dear Sergey,

It was such a wonderful treat to be able to hear the Nevsky ensemble while they were in Virginia. They presented wonderful concerts (I got to hear two of them!), and each time they thrilled the audiences with their beautiful, crystal-clear sound. What incredible voices! and what a wonderful blend!! I am so sorry our schedule did not allow us to host them at Virginia Wesleyan College this time, but I do hope you will keep me informed of their next visit to America. I most definetly want them to be part of our concert series.

Best wishes to you and the ensemble!
Sandi Billy

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